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Renewable Energy 
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Renewable Energy Franchises Offered Throughout North America.
Are you passionate about climate change? Looking to build your own business? We offer an opportunity for you to profit with support through our franchise opportunities.

Solar Business  Training

Support & Mentorship

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featured listing in our Network of Certified Solar Installers.


Learn how to create solar energy assessments for your projects.


learn how to install solar panels using various types of racking.


hands-on experience doing solar installations in our warehouse.


renewable energy franchises
are available

With climate change growing at a rapid rate, new careers in solar installations are on the rise. From California's renewable energy revolution to Chicago's goal for 100 percent clean, renewable energy by 2035, people from all areas of the globe are taking notice and making changes that will affect our planet for years to come. Join our renewable energy franchise family and develop the skills to thrive in the new green environmental economy. We strive to share our professional yet fun atmosphere, with friendly staff that take pride in doing a job well done. We'd love to have you.

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Why Should You Consider Solar Franchising

job growth

We share leads with our franchises from solar enthusiasts looking to do solar projects in your area.


You’ll be able to meet and work with like minded solar franchises all across North America.

Profile Listing

Our franchisees get a featured listing in our solar network and first dibs on jobs within the area.

solar job invites

Inclusion in our Certified Installer Network with notices about solar installation jobs in your area.

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Interested In Going Solar?

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